We offer reliable roadside assistance & towing in Royal Oak, MI for over 25 years of collective experience under our belts so you know you’re going to be taken care of regardless of what vehicle related issue you may be dealing with.


Our competitive and affordable rates allows us to be one of the fastest growing towing services in this area of Ferndale, Oak Park, Madison Heights, Hazel Park. We do a lot of tows on i75 and 696 Intersection.

Not only are we growing fast, we ACT FAST and provide quality service.

Below is a short list of many of the roadside assistant services we offer:

Dead Battery Jump – no one likes being stuck in a sticky situation, and having your battery die out on you without warning certainly fits the bill.

Dead batteries happen for two common reasons: leaving the lights on while the vehicle is off or dying out due to its old age.

In this modern age we have to be careful who we stop and ask for a jump because you never know who you could be stopping. Protect yourself. And if you have a family with you, protect them by seeking professional jump start services.

Replace Flat Tire — you’re driving along on your normal route to work, suddenly you hear a loud *POP* followed by a hissing sound like that of a rattlesnake.

You’re tire went flat. You’re going to be late to work and you’re on your final warning before they let you go.

What are you going to do?

You lack the skill to change one. Or maybe you don’t, but you lack the tools to replace it. Or maybe you have the tools and skill, but you’re missing a spare tire.

No matter what our ‘flat tire’ situation, we can be there within minutes to give you the helping hand you need in a hurry.

Lockout Services – locked out of your vehicle? Misplaced your keys? Broke your key knob in the ignition or door cylinder?

Being locked out of your vehicle presents a number of environmental dangers such as being left out in freezing cold temperatures, being swelted with hail, being caught in a snow blizzard or being scorched under the sun.

Our lockout services are not only affordable, but our guys are lightning fast. Just tell us where you are and we can get there faster by the time you hangup the phone with one of our dispatchers.

Heavy Duty Towing – do you own a SUV, truck, van or other heavy vehicle?

Getting your heavy duty vehicle recovered safely and with minimum damage requires the right equipment and years of skillful expertise. Fortunately, we have just the right guys for the job.

Flatbed Towing – used exclusively for carrying heavy loads, flatbed towing is used most commonly for breakdowns or collisions.

For towing light duty vehicles, the rear of our flatbed trucks can be made to incline at ground level, allowing the vehicle in need of towing to be placed on the bed without damaging the undercarriage or applying too much pressure on the bumper.

Emergency 24 Hour Towing Services – we’re a first responder 24 hour, 7 day a week service. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling us early in the morning or late into the evening, our dispatchers are always on-duty to take your call and send one of our professionals out to you within 20 – 30 minutes of your call.

Automobile problems are just a fact of life so we make ourselves available to our callers on a moments notice.

Collision Towing – have you or someone you love recently been involved in a accident?

We recommend NOT operating a vehicle that has been in a recent car accident without first getting an official report determining if your vehicle is in driving condition or not.

We have a non-intrusive collision towing service designed to get to you quickly to have the vehicle(s) hauled off with the use of our heavy duty robes, chains and straps while reducing any more damage as much as possible.

Abandoned and Unsightly Car Removal – abandoned vehicles are unsightly nuisances that must be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid providing a home to mice, rodents, bees, spiders and other dangerous and diseased insects and animals.

Blocked Driveway Towing – if a vehicle is blocking your driveway, you have a right as the owner/renter of your property to seek enforcement.

Here’s what you do: Call 311 to give them information on the location, plate number and type of vehicle obstructing your view. When an officer arrives he will issue a summons thus giving us permission to come and haul it off immediately.

This service is free of charge to you. All that’s required is a signature of authorization to tow.

Local, City Wide and Long Distance Towing – There is no job to big or small for us to handle. Maybe you need a broken down vehicle to be transported from one side of town to another for later repairs. Maybe you need an antique vehicle transported to the Woodward or Dream Cruise. Whatever the reason, we can go the distance.

Donation Car Towing – if you work for a donation company or desire to give a vehicle of your own for a worthy cause, our donation car towing service is a good fit for you.

Motorcycle and ATV Towing – we don’t just specialize in hauling vehicles, our service stretches as far as motorcycles, ATVS and trikes.

In conclusion, not only do we offer a wide range of services for your specific needs, our motto is “Customers Come First”.

We go to great lengths to ensure our customers are getting the best price along with even better service. We understand in this business word-of-mouth generates the bulk of our business, and we are looking forward to servicing you for all of your vehicle towing needs.

Call us now for one of our friendly dispatchers to send a professional driver near you!