Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance service 24 hours 7 days a week! Better than Triple AAA, State Farm, We Teach you how to use your deductibles correctly!

Have you found yourself in a predicament where you are locked out of your vehicle, tire suddenly went flat, battery went dead, vehicle gave out in the midst of driving or ran out of fuel?

No worries. We understand. It happens to everyone. In spite of our best efforts to avoid these kinds of situations with regular tune-ups, oil changes, tire changes and the like, there is bound to be a water pump that goes bad, a starter that needs to be replaced or spark plugs that need to be changed.

With our roadside assistance our highly skilled wrecker crew members with years of combined experience in the field are here to make sure you receive quality service no matter what day nor hour you give us a call.

Gas or Fuel Delivery – there are few things worse than being stranded in the middle of the road far from the convenience of a nearby gas station.

If you are disabled, unable to walk certain distances, have a sickness or simply feel you are incapable of walking to the nearest gas station for any safety or medical reason, we are here to fill your car up for you with the desired amount you need to get back on the road going again.

Our out of gas service is one of our most popular services.

Dead Battery jump – forget to turn off the lights before exiting your vehicle? Take it easy. We’re here to help you solve your problem.

Our 24hr emergency auto/vehicle jump start service makes it convenient for us to get out to you at any time of the day within minutes of placing a call with one of our dispatches.

We carry a portable battery charger, equipped with cables and charger. We believe this to be the safest way to check first if there can be a charge, how strong the charge and if the cables are where they need to be on a battery polarity prior to making the charge. This significantly reduces any potential damage that can be as a result of accidentally reversing the connection which is common.

You must also be aware of voltage issues and discrepancies between larger vehicles and smaller vehicles.

Lastly, we provide a mobile vehicle battery replacement in case your battery is dead beyond revival.

Towing Service – sometimes a vehicle breaks down that needs mechanical repair.

We have knowledgeable, skilled and experienced crew members who can strap down any vehicle quickly and safely to your mechanic of choice for repair.

In conclusion, no matter what service you need we treat your vehicle as if it were one of our own.

Our professional handlers are careful in the way we strap down your vehicle and drop-off. We handle everything from motorcycles, to cars, to light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks.

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so even if it’s 4 a.m in the middle of night you can still count on one of our guys coming to the rescue. Call Pride Towing today!